Thursday, 12 December 2013

London Pest Control and Extermination Services

Residential Programs
Sawyer Pest Management’s Home Protection Programs and One Pest Service Programs have been specifically designed to eliminate your existing pest concerns, and to protect your home or cottage from future pest infestation. Our pro-active programs include thorough inspections to the interior and exterior of your home or cottage, identification of areas of infestation, as well as areas at risk of infestation, pest identification, targeted treatments, scheduled monitoring and follow-up.

Sawyer Pest Management is committed to doing what is right for your family, home and environment. Our programs only use registered, Health Canada approved products and Licensed qualified technicians. We are proud to be an industry leader, providing our clients with responsible, effective pest control solutions.

Commercial Programs
Sawyer Pest Management provides professional, high quality pest
, and eco-friendly service programs. We are dedicated to
london ontario pest control services
Southwestern Ontario Pest Control
our customers satisfaction, and offer a 100% money back
guarantee. Sawyer
PestManagement will work with you and your staff members to
develop the
Integrated Pest Management(IPM)
 program that is right for you and
your business.

Animal Control Programs
For humane wildlife removal and exclusion services please contact Wildthings
Wildlife Control. Wildthings provides affordable services with written guarantees.

Bird Control Programs
Unlike insects and rodents, birds are considered to be desirable
by most people. Unfortunately birds can cause health, aesthetic
and structural problems by nesting on or around your business.
Whether you are having problems with Gulls, Canada Geese, House
Sparrows, Pigeons or European Starlings, Sawyer Pest Management
will complete a thorough inspection to identify opportunities for
habitat modifications to eliminate your current bird problem and
prevent it from re-occurring.
Contact Sawyer Pest Management today for bird control services and product info.