Thursday, 8 August 2013

Where do Wasps go in the Winter?

We all know what happens as soon as Winter is over and Spring comes along. The wasps start to show up as unwelcome guests to our kids outdoor birthday parties, going after the ice cream and pop. Where do they go when the summer is over?
At the end of Fall, the wasp nests die off and only the young mated queens are left alive. They find a safe place to hibernate, and can end up as close to home as the folds of the curtains in your home. Not a pleasant thought, especially since they tend to come back to the same safe places every year for hibernation.
wasps winter
Once winter is over, the female queen will release a scent (pheromone) that will attract the males. They will then arrive shortly to fertilize the eggs and a new colony begins…..usually right in your backyard. I have had the experience myself to have them living within the brick in our home, or underneath the vinyl siding. Sometimes swarms of them will show up, and one right after another will start crawling out of the cracks and crevices. Not a safe environment for young children, or for anyone that may be allergic.
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