Thursday, 8 August 2013

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Bed Bug Bites
They’ve fed on people for thousands of years, and now, if the local health officer has his way, they’ll gnaw on the wallets of Ontario taxpayers.
Bed bugs have been a nuisance for millennium but it was only last year Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews declared her government would spend $5 million to fight the insect, including $180,000 for the Middlesex-London Health Unit.
The money was meant for a single year so health officials could teach citizens how best to prevent infestations and get rid of those that occurred.
But with the next provincial budget a couple of months away, the local medical officer of health wants to make the funding permanent.
Dr. Graham Pollett will ask the health board at a meeting Thursday to request the Health ministry include funding to combat bed bugs in the base budgets of the province’s health units.
Pollett pointed to the success of a “bed bug hotline” as one reason to permanently place taxpayers on the hook for funding.
“The hotline was opened in June 2011 and the number of calls SEE MORE


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